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What is the deal with the Datacolor Spyder TV? How does it compare with professional calibration? E-mail
Tuesday, 25 November 2008
spydertv-thumb.jpg"I have enough experience with the Spyder products, and other Datacolor products to definitively tell you that the Spyder product doesn't get much of anything correct in its suggested settings. For about $100 more you can get a professional to come into your home and do the job with a reference level meter like a Minolta CS200 or a Photo Research PR650. I have several clients who were quite angry when they paid $250 for the Spyder to find that they could do a better job with a test DVD, and then they hired me and essentially paid twice to get the job done - Kevin Miller:
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What is the official word on the break in period for my HDTV? E-mail
Tuesday, 25 November 2008
In the ISF seminars we used to express the 100 hour rule as a means of ensuring the display in question was issue-free and likely to stay in service after a considerable amount of work was elicited. In a manner of speaking, it was felt that after a 100 hour period, any problem would manifest and be corrected or the unit exchanged. hitachi42hdx99.jpgDepending on display type, it also represented a long enough duration for indigenous sections of the unit to initially "wear-in", whether it was CRT phosphor conditioning (or Plasma for that matter) or bulbs in lamp-based products to accumulate enough time to "season" and stabilize.

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Top Ten Requested HDTV's E-mail
Tuesday, 25 November 2008

samsung pn58b860.jpgThe TweakTV subscriber base (you) keeps us in tune with the market place by requesting HDTV settings and by downloading the settings we have in our extensive database.   The culmination of all of this information together created the TweakTV Top 10 most popular HDTV's.   This list will change and evolve over time.  If you are interesting in purchasing one of these HDTV's, just click on the link or use the TweakTV Comparison / Buying Tool and you will be taken to a TweakTV authorized reseller.

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