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Written by Kevin Miller   
Monday, 14 January 2008

car_banner.jpg We have developed TweakTV in order to help you improve your viewing experience easily, quickly, and completely free of charge with information that is otherwise difficult and time consuming to find online. In the vast world of information and ''How To’s", it is often difficult to find the right one, and more important, to trust its source. Video is no exception to this rule. The idea for TweakTV came from the need for comprehensive, thorough and accurate information from professionals in order to help you improve your HDTV’s picture (What is Enhanced Performance?) and offer you a simple way to get a taste of what professional calibration can do to improve the picture quality on digital HDTVs.

If you are interested in getting a first taste of the viewing benefits of TV calibration, TweakTV is your best source. It is the first step in understanding the benefits of professional calibration. Our product data base has been compiled by the most experienced professional television calibrators working in the field for the past fourteen years. The information will guide you through a quick and easy User Menu Calibration. We are confident that you will see a significant improvement.



Today’s sophisticated HDTVs do not come to the consumer even close to performing to their optimum capability. There are two main reasons for this:
First all manufacturers ship all of their sets with picture presets that are intended to compete in the harsh bright environments of big electronic chain stores, such as Best Buy and Circuit City for example. We refer to this as “Torch Mode”. Contrast, brightness, Color and Sharpness are all set way too high on purpose in an attempt to have the picture get your attention in an overly bright environment with many other sets competing for your attention.
Secondly, Home Theater systems have become more and more sophisticated, combining an array of different media: Standard definition from cable, satellite, off-air antennas, good old standard definition DVD, and several different high resolution HDTV sources like cable, off-air, satellite, and most recently 1080p from Blu-ray and HD DVD disc formats. So if you enjoy video and happen to have most or all of the above formats you could conceivably be feeding your HDTV 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, and 1080p sources. As an example, in most cases a setup for a 480p standard definition DVD player run with a component video connection will require very different picture settings than a 1080i/1080p HDTV source hooked up via an HDMI connection for correct black level, color and tint settings, and matched light output to the digital (HDMI) input.
For a complete system calibration, you will need to bring a professional calibrator into your home who has the experience, and the proper equipment to do a full system calibration. Please click on the link "What is a professional calibration?", if you are interested in a custom, home calibration.
How does TweakTV work?

It is really simple. Now just register and become a member for free. Then, click on Tweak My TV to have access to our recommended User Menu settings for your TV’s digital HDMI cable or Satellite source/input. Once you input the make and model of your TV you will instantly get this information - provided we have your set in our extensive data base. Within minutes, you will have significantly improved your picture, more noticeably on HD channels, and taken the first step in having your display’s picture performance enhanced. If we happen not to have the information for your particular make and model of TV then please post a request on our forum.

If you decide to take it to the next level by having a professional in home calibration performed by one of the TweakTV pros and have your TV fully calibrated to its optimum performance, click on Calibrate My TV and we will have a TweakTV calibrator contact you directly. Finally, take advantage of TweakTV’s experts by participating in TweakTV’s forum. If you want to learn more about different aspects of video, and home theater in general, or if you have specific questions about your particular HDTV model visit our forum and ask our experts for their input. TweakTV will also give you access to controversial articles on topics that no other home theater related publications are willing to publish.
If you have additional questionsand your quickest response, please contact  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it  .  You can expect a 24 hour response.
Company Contact: (917) 710-0093
Last Updated ( Thursday, 06 November 2008 )


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sonykdl55nx8102.jpgThe latest reviews show that Sony KDL-55NX810 is a HDTV worth considering.  Sony is up against strong competition, from Samsung, LG, and Panasonic but this might be the break out TV for them.   What do you think?  In th mean time, here are the suggested settings off of a professional TweakTV calibraiton - Sony KDL-55NX810

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