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Written by TweakTV Admin   
Friday, 07 November 2008
 w.pngWe are sure you have a lot of questions and we hope to have the answers to those questions wtih our FAQ.  Please return frequently since we constantly update our content.  If you have a question or comment that you DO NOT see on this FAQ, please add it here  

TweakTV FAQs 

1.) What will a TweakTV professional calibrator actually do in my house? 

A TweakTV professional will perform a full video system calibration. Many people confuse calibration as being only about the display. In fact, if the job is done to its fullest potential all inputs/sources on the TV must be done, which typically consists of a completely separate setup and grayscale calibration for a Satellite or cable TV input as well as the DVD and/or Blu-ray player setup. So the first step is to calibrate the DVD and/or Blu-ray source using appropriate test discs, and a reference quality colorimeter, which all TweakTV calibrators have in their arsenal of test gear. The next step would be to calibrate the HD cable and/or Satellite source. This requires the use of an HDTV signal generator as we have no way of getting test signals at high definition signal rates to the TV through the source components. When calibrating "The System" one must also go into the setup menus of the source components (DVD player, Blu-ray player, Satellite and/or cable set-top boxes) to make sure all their settings are correct. For example, in many Blu-ray and up-scaling DVD players there are multiple HDMI Color Space options. The type of display you have will determine which of these settings is correct. There are also often black level and RGB reference settings that need to be set correctly for optimum performance, which are also display dependent. In the case of source set-top boxes like cable boxes and Satellite receivers the aspect ratio, and appropriate resolution outputs must also be set correctly.  Finally, our professionals will also leave you with full documentation of where everything is set in the User Menu of the TV as well as a before and after grayscale tracking chart. 

2.) How long will it take to perform an in home calibration from a TweakTV professional? 

This will depend on a few things. First it is dependent on what type of display you have. The second aspect that would determine the length of the job is how many inputs on the TV you are having calibrated. For example, on Sony LCD flat panels a completely separate calibration including grayscale should be done for each input as they are completely independent. On some flat panels if you calibrate in a particular Picture Mode and select that mode for all your inputs the job will be done. In yet another example the latest Pioneer Elites have an ISF ccc mode that allows us to create two new A/V Selections (Picture Modes) called ISF Day and ISF Night for each input. These modes are literally created by the technician with special software via an RS-232 connection with a laptop computer to the panel. They are then locked and added to the existing A/V Selections on the panel. Each input will take most of us at least an hour to an hour and half to do, which means if you have two or more inputs to do then more time will be required. 

3.) What improvements can I expect to see on my HDTV after a custom in home calibration from an experienced TweakTV professional calibrator is performed? 

The biggest differences will be greater shadow detail, and three dimensionality and depth in the picture. This is mainly due to maximizing Contrast Ratio by setting black and white levels, and gamma correctly. The next big improvement is overall color fidelity. Skin Tones in particular take on an exceptionally natural look when the grayscale is calibrated correctly. In the case of some sophisticated displays where Color Management Systems can be employed then primary and secondary colors will be corrected making all colors appear extremely realistic.  

4.) Do I need to prepare my HDTV before calibration? 

This should be discussed with your calibrator prior to his/her arrival. In most cases you won't need to do anything at all. Some questions that should be asked by the calibrator to prepare for the visit are: Do you have light control in the room the TV is in or should I bring black out materials to cover the windows? How many inputs are you using? What inputs are they? HDMI, component video, etc. Are you switching your video sources through an A/V receiver? In the case of HDTVs that require RS-232 connection, like a Pioneer Elite plasma, access to the back panel is necessary. This can be difficult if the set is flush mounted too close to the wall. This may be require taking the panel off of the wall prior to calibration.  

5.) What happens if the electricity goes out, do I lose my calibration settings? 

You shouldn't lose your settings just from a power outage. However, it is possible to lose them with a power surge or spike. You should ask specifically for all the settings to be recorded for you in the event this happens. This shouldn't effect settings in the service menu, which are typically written to an Eprom and permanently memorized. 

6.) Why can't I just put in the suggested TweakTV settings?  Do I really need a custom in home calibration? 

This is a great question. It is akin to similar questions like why do I need to have my set calibrated? Doesn't it come set correctly from the factory? What we are providing with TweakTV's Suggested User Menu settings is provided by our Professional Calibrators before performing a full in home-calibration with state-of-the art-equipment. This means that it is strictly based on what the best settings of the User Menu items like Contrast, Brightness, Color, Tint, etc. are. It is also only for an HDMI HD input for cable or Satellite, and therefore wouldn't include most of what is described in FAQ # 1 like the entire procedure for Blu-ray and/or DVD, and any other type of input like component video inputs, which typically require radically different settings to be correct. For the optimum color fidelity grayscale and CMS (Color Management System) calibration should be performed. This requires the requisite experience, and reference level test equipment, which the vast majority of calibrators simply don't have. 

7.) Why is in home calibration better than an AVIA DVD test disc or an HD Basics Blu-ray test disc?  

For all of the reasons stated in the above FAQ #7. This is a good start for a DYIer. However, keep in mind that this will only get you good settings for the basic User Menu settings for the DVD or Blu-ray input. It will not cover your HD cable or Satellite inputs, and it will not do anything for the grayscale and/or CMS settings, which are really the icing on the cake that deliver the final touch in optimizing your video system.  

8.) If I take the calibrated settings from my friend who has the exact same HDTV, can I expect the same results on my HDTV? 

No. You may be in the ballpark and you may be wildly off. Remember we are dealing with a system wide calibration. Does your friend have the same DVD and/or Blu-ray player? The same cables? The Same length of Cables? Even if the answer to those questions were to be yes there would still be enough of a difference as to where all the picture settings need to be set, if for no other reason than parts differential in the manufacturing process, to make a professional calibration worth it if you really want to realize the potential of your display.

9.) What will the Idealume backlighting do?  

Backlighting your LCD or Plasma panel will reduce eye strain as opposed to viewing in a completely dark room. Since it is filtered to the correct color of gray (D65 or 6500 Kelvins) it will not skew your perception of the correctly calibrated colors that are coming off of your screen. Other lighting can vary in its color of white. Most room lighting in homes tends to be on the orange side of white, and will definitely effect the color emanating from your TV. Of course, it is much more useful if your TV has been calibrated as it will then have the correct grayscale.

10.) I am at the research phase in buying my next HDTV, where can I go to see my choices?

The TweakTV comparison tool is designed to assist people in your exact situation.



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