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Written by Kevin Miller   
Friday, 24 February 2012

sharp_lc70le735u.jpgPros: Very good calibration features for tweaking and setup. CMS feature works very well to fine tune colors to be very close to the Rec 709 specification. Grayscale and gamma performance are excellent post calibration.

Cons: Off angle viewing is very poor. Black field uniformity is a little splotchy. Cyan tracking below 50% luminance levels skews toward blue similar to the Elite models.

To Buy or Not to Buy: With a street price of well under 3K, and a screen size of 70-inches, this panel has a lot of bang for the buck. A full array LED backlit panel with good black level performance, the LC-70LE735U can be calibrated to a high degree of accuracy, and is capable of producing very good pictures. Hard to beat for the money.


Sharp’s new LC-70LE735U 70-inch full array LED backlit LCD panel is a solid performer, especially when professionally calibrated. Due to its full array LED backlighting, it has very good black level performance, although the lack of local dimming does keep it from being a top performer in that regard, and contributes to some black field uniformity problems that some describe as cloudiness. This issue shows up as slight gray splotches on a dark or black background. Off angle viewing is somewhat problematic so be sure you are sitting within a 25 degree angle horizontally to the center of the screen for the best picture performance. Other than those relatively minor complaints, the panel’s setup and calibration features are excellent, and enable the professional to get very good performance out of this panel.


The CMS (Color Management System) feature works very well to fine tune the already reasonably accurate Standard Color Gamut. The three tiered CMS feature allows professional calibrators to get the panel very close to the Rec 709 specifications for the primary and secondary colors. The10 Point White Balance Setting feature that allows calibration of the grayscale at 10 percent increments enables qualified technicians/calibrators to achieve a very linear flat and accurate grayscale. Finally, the adjustable gamma settings give the panel the ability to achieve excellent gamma for both 2D and 3D setups, which many other panels on the market are not currently capable of.

I measured the cyan tracking from 10 to 50% luminance, and found that from about 30% on down to 10% luminance cyan goes extremely blue just like the Elite PRO-60X5FD and PRO-70X5FD LED panels do. I am now fairly certain that the yellow pixel in the Quatron models is what is causing this cyan tracking issue. A TV with a four color matrix that is working in a television system based on a three color matrix (RGB) is the issue. Consequently, it is making it very difficult for Sharp to come up with a firmware or software fix for it.

The two main complaints I have about the Sharp’s LC-70LE735U 70 are the off angle viewing, and the cyan tracking error. I do consider these relatively minor performance flaws considering the cost of the panel, and its overall performance.  Color accuracy in the Movie Mode and Low color temperature are relatively accurate at the factory presets, and can be made to be exceptionally accurate with professional calibration.


Considering its price and screen size, the Sharp’s LC-70LE735U 70 is indeed an impressive panel. For all of the technical data, please refer to the CalMAN Pro PDF files for 2D File 1 , 2D File 2 and 3D File 1 and 3D file 2 respectively.

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