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OLED and New Developments in LCD Flat Panel HDTVs Print E-mail
Written by Kevin Miller   
Friday, 20 June 2008
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OLED and New Developments in LCD Flat Panel HDTVs
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mini-l1000013.jpgSony Press Trip To Tokyo (June 2008)

Sony graciously brought a select few press members to Japan for a week long trip focusing mainly on new developments in their HDTV lineup. We arrived on Tuesday, June 10 in the afternoon. The next day, we began with a tour of their new showroom at the company's headquarters in Shinagawa,Tokyo where Sony showcases all its consumer video products, as well as, the company's well regarded professional broadcast products. The tour ended with an impressive demonstration of Sony's 4096 x 2160 or what is commonly referred to as the 4K x 2K digital cinema projector, model SRX-R220, in the showroom's elaborate theater.

That same day, we also looked at the new Bravia and XBR line of LCD flat panel HDTVs, and got a first hand look at as yet unreleased models. A comparison of one of their new 46-inch XBR8 flat panel LCDs up against Samsung's top of the line LN-T4681F LED backlit LCD, and Pioneer's PDP-4280 proved to be eye opening, indeed. The point of the demonstration was to show off the XBR8's hugely improved black level performance. All three sets were set at their factory settings - as they would be set when you would get them home from the store. Naturally I would have preferred if all three were properly calibrated as that would create a level playing field that would make conclusive determinations of their respective performance much more valid. Nonetheless, the blacks on the new XBR8 series look to be the best of any LCD that I have seen to date by a good margin. This improved black level performance is due mainly to two brand new features available only in the flagship XBR8 series. First and most importantly, the Triluminous feature, which is a backlight system that is RGB instead if just white. This combined with the ACE Pro or Local dimming feature are the two new innovations that combine to vastly improve the black level performance of their XBR8 line of LCD panels. Sony also claims to have improved their Motionflow 120Hz feature dubbed "Motionflow Pro", a feature that is also only available in the flagshilp models. Motionflow Pro now incorporates Temporal Frame Interpolation and IB Reduction, which the company claims creates new frames after reducing image blur. The XBR 8 line will be available in the fall of this year.



Another really cool feature that will be available in the Bravia lineup as well as the upscale XBR line of sets is Bravia Wireless Link. This is essentially wireless HDMI transmission. This solves the big problem of having a media center or hard drive with HD content in another part of the room or house, and getting the HD content to the TV. At this time, it is only capable of transmitting a maximum resolution of 1080i, but the company is working on increasing the resolution to 1080p. This feature, which also works with Sony's new line of Blu-ray players, will allow you to house your components in a closet or wherever you wish eliminating the hassle of running cables through walls to the TV set.

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