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Written by Kevin Miller   
Saturday, 19 April 2008
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Pioneer and Calibration
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pioneer_pdp_5080hd.jpgI recently did my first professional calibration for a TweakTV customer who lives in Queens, New York. The set was the very popular Pioneer PDP-5080HD 720p resolution regular line model. I have done hundreds and hundreds of Pioneers over the years whether the regular line, the professional line or the highly acclaimed Elite series.

In fact, I have probably done close to 50 of the 80 series in the last year since they were introduced, and I have never had a problem with a single one save for the navigation of the service menu on the first few.

This PDP-5080HD was purchased by my client just about a month ago, so I assume it came from one of the latest production runs. I ran into an issue with this particular PDP-5080HD for the first time since they were introduced to the market. Here is exactly what happened:

I completed the grayscale calibration in the service menu. When I excited the service menu to take measurements to check the accuracy I found that it hadn't retained the calibration settings at all. In other words, it was as if I had not done any correction whatsoever. I re-entered the service menu, and took some more measurements, and it measured accurately again just as it did when I had initially finished the grayscale calibration. Once again, I excited the service menu to find that none of my work was retained.

I tried then to change the selected color temperature in the User Menu. All Pioneer 80 series sets default to the Mid Color temperature when in service menu, but I figured I would try the other two (Low and High) just to check and see if I had unknowingly been working on a different preset color temperature, but to no avail. I was getting ready to give up when I got lucky. Navigating through the menu, quite by accident, I found in the Pure Cinema menu that when I turned off the processing the memorized corrected grayscale returned and measured accurately. I went on to calibrate a component input for a video game source, and found that all this did not apply to the component inputs at all, but only to the digital HDMI inputs.

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