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Congratulations on taking the TweakTV recommended User Menu Settings to its logical next step of in home Professional Video System Calibration. Enclosed is a sign up sheet ONLY FOR in home, professional, personal calibrations. A TweakTV Professional will visit your home and calibrate your home video system.

The pricing and services offered for In Home Professional Calibration vary somewhat from one calibrator to another.


TweakTV Professional, Certified In Home Professional Calibration Pricing:


Plasma and LCD Flat Panels: $300 to $400


LCD, LCoS, and DLP Micro Displays (Rear Projection): $350 to $450


CRT Rear Projection TVs: $500 to $600


Fixed Pixel Front Projectors (LCD, LCoS, And DLP) : $400 to $750


CRT Front Projectors: $500 to $1,500


Directview CRT Tubes : $300 to $400


All booked calibrations require a refundable (up to one week before booked date) $50 Deposit. This amount will be directly applied to your calibration bill.


We provide detailed information on each of our professionals in terms of location, experience, and the equipment they use. 


If you do not get a reply within 24 hours, please email   Your business is important to us, and we appreciate the consideration.



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